IELTS Writing Test in 2017 & Band 9 Sample – Topic: Air Pollution


Some people think international car-free days are an effective way of reducing air pollution, others think there are some other ways. Discuss both views and give your own opinion


A wide range of feasible measures have been proposed in an attempt to enhance the quality of air across the globe. Although it is universally accepted that global car-free days can be an effective solution. It is my conviction that numerous other policies seem to become more possible.

On the one hand, it is undeniable that when almost all citizens on a global scale are willing to resort to other means of transport in order to celebrate a so-called international car-free day, this practice seems to be fruitful. On a day-to-day basis, cars, which are widely regarded as the most prevalent transportation means running on petrol or diesel, discharge a huge quantity of exhaust fumes ranging from carbon dioxides to unburnt hydrocarbons. Therefore, there is, in all likelihood, a considerable decline in the amount of pollution-causing gas, meaning that the air quality may become cleaner and healthier. This situation might encourage individuals to reduce car usage in the next days to diminish air contamination.

However, I advocate the viewpoint that several more attainable policies could be introduced with a view to minimizing the number of air quality pollutants. The most immediate solution would be that all factories need to apply cutting-edge pollution-free technologies in production so that exhaust fumes from these factories would become more environmentally friendly. Another remedy may be to construct and put into operation more nuclear power plants as opposed to thermal power stations which release thousands of tons of carbon dioxides into the atmosphere. Other alternative sources of energy namely solar energy and wind power should be exploited. The two latter policies may contribute to fulfilling the increasing requirements for energy for industrial production and daily household consumption without causing serious damage to the air quality.

To conclude, despite the productive global car-free day celebration as aforementioned, I uphold the standpoint that various other methods seem to be more achievable.

IELTS Writing Test in 2017 & Band 9 Sample – Topic: Online Courses

IELTS Writing Test

Some universities offer online courses as an alternative to classes delivered on campus. Do you think this a positive or negative development?


The idea of providing distance education of numerous universities has become quite fashionable. Whilst I believe online courses to have great benefits in several cases, I presume that this trend may give rise to some downsides.

On the one hand, it is my belief that this tendency is likely to be profitable. One noticeable advantage is an increase in academic chance for social members. The adoption of video-conferencing technology and free-to-use group chats in Internet-bases courses may serve to facilitate the study of busy workers without leaving their current jobs. Furthermore, students could get access to academic lectures by prominent professors from World-famous universities via e-learning classes. Another point in favor is convenience. Online distance education enables students not only take the initiative to plan their study schedule but also review lectures, discussion, comments or share notes with each other on demand.

On the other hand, there appear to be potential shortcomings stemming from this trend. One disadvantage is the lack of interaction with the instructors and fellow classmates in the light of the internet disconnect. This procrastination may discourage learners from meeting their deadlines and completing their assignments. Students’ plagiarism and dishonesty are areas of concern as well. Some critics feel that it is easier to plagiarize or share answers owing to reduced surveillance and increase connectivity. Consequently, this copyright infringement could drive them to the verge of being expelled from the course of study.

Overall, based on what have been discussed above, it seems to me that learning activities through the medium of the internet has both the desired and adverse effects.

Word: 265.

IELTS Writing Actual Test in 2017 & Sample Band 9 – Topic: Travel

IELTS Writing Test

International travel has many advantages to both the travellers and the country visited. Do advantages outweigh disadvantages?


It is true that citizens around the world tend to show fancy for travelling overseas. From my perspective, journeys to foreign nations bring more benefits than drawbacks.

Admittedly, several problems could arise along with international tours. Firstly, visitors from overseas may be required to pay considerably higher prices for their accommodation or other holiday services because numerous native citizens take the chance to make a huge profit from foreign individuals. Secondly, in fact, several international tourists bring infectious diseases, especially Ebola or MERS to tourist attractions, posing a threat to the local community health. Finally, there is every likelihood of holiday destinations being put under environmental threats as a consequence of a massive influx of foreign tourists to these venues with low awareness of the importance of environmental protection.

However, international visits have more positive impacts on tourists as well as host countries. With regard to travelers, thanks to setting foot in a strange nation, they would have an opportunity to become more broad-minded when getting to know about different customs, lifestyles and rituals. Additionally, enjoying the breath- taking views of destination countries and their diverse delicacies may assist visitors to escape from the hustle and bustle of their busy life to have unforgettable memories and recharge their own batteries. In terms of local countries, an increase in the number of travelers from abroad to their localities could generate a variety of job opportunities related to tour guide or accommodation services for local residents and help reduce unemployment rate, followed by an improvement in economic prosperity. Equally importantly, international tourism is attributed to the enhancement of cultural communication and mutual understanding between nations.

To summarize, despite several mentioned-above shortcomings, I personally believe that international tourism denotes a positive trend for both individuals and society.

(293 words)

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic: Advertisements & Band 9 Sample


Advertisements are becoming more and more common in everyday life. Is it positive or negative development?


Advertising is gaining more popularity in the marketing of products or services. While advertisements are considered to be advantageous, they can have numerous negative influences .

It is unquestionable that there are several benefits of advertising. By dint of the large-scale expansion of advertising in almost every kind of mass media and nearly all hoardings, this sector is likely to generate a diversity of employment opportunities. In other words, it provides occupations for artists, painters or copywriters in designing and preparing logos, contents or ideas for advertisements. Another advantage is that advertising may enable the massages involved in products and services to reach potential customers, followed by an increase in sales for businesses. Additionally, only thanks to advertisements, can customers be kept informed about newly-launched products. Therefore, they have more choices to make about their beloved products, contributing to the enhancement of their comforts and standard of living.

However, advertising could cause several disadvantages for customers . No sooner might companies or business exaggerate or even distort the facts related to their products for commercial purposes than the customers can experience feelings of confusion about these items, making them have troubles in selecting the products to their taste. Furthermore, the facts show that the more advertising expenses increase, the higher the product price is. The reason can be that the high cost of advertisements is covered by the selling price of advertised items. As a result, the advertised products can cost more than they should. Finally, when customers cannot resist the temptation of products which are advertised beyond customers’ expectations, there is every likelihood of them purchasing products which may be unnecessary. This trend could be seen as a waste of money.

In conclusion, based on the above mentioned explanations, individuals may gain both considerable benefits and drawbacks through the growing prevalence of advertisements.

(305 words)

IELTS Writing Actual Test in 2017 & Band 9 Sample – Topic: University Education

IELTS Writing Test

Some people think that everyone has the right to have access to university education, and that government should make it free for all students no matter what financial background they have. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?


It is unquestionable that every citizen has equal opportunities to follow higher education. I believe that the government should allow students to attend university free of charge. However, I disagree with the policy of providing free higher education for all students regardless of their financial background.

Supplying free tertiary education for students is a sensible national investment. Numerous students, if not obliged to pay tuition fees can afford to cover their living costs; thereby concentrating on academic performance or cultivate their professional skills. Therefore, they may be well qualified for future employment. Additionally, university graduates who have received governmental grants for all university tuition fees can become productive citizens contributing to social betterment. More specifically, after graduation from university, some graduates may become loyal and strong-willed soldiers who could ensure national security and sovereignty or teachers serving to raising people’s intellectual levels and shaping young generations’ behavioral patterns.

However, I oppose the idea of providing tuition fees subsidies for all students irrespective of whether they are rich or poor. Several learners who live in poverty are entitled to free tertiary education although they have no desire to enrich academic knowledge or professional skills. In this case, this policy proves to be a waste of money. Another explanation is that no sooner do national leaders pay all tuition fees for university education than there is high likelihood of a deficiency in state budget for community health services or public transport services which also require a huge amount of fund investment from the government for the benefits of the whole society.

In conclusion, in my view, there are several benefits of free education at university level. However, I disapprove that all students have free higher education opportunities no matter how rich or poor they are.

(297 words)

IELTS Writing Test in 2017 & Band 9 Sample – Topic: History

IELTS Writing Test in 2017

Topic: Some people think studying from the past offers no benefits to today’s life, while others believe that history is a valuable source of information for us. Discuss both views and give our own opinion.


There has been considerable debate about the values of studying history. While it is argued that there are no advantages of learning history, I believe that history can bring more benefits.

It is claimed that it is not beneficial to learn from the past. At various schools, students may put exam-based learning methods into practice to satisfy the requirements of exams and tests. Consequently, they are obliged to make every effort to memorize historical developments and events. In several cases, they get stressful and overloaded with history-related knowledge which does not provide foundations for their doing research into scientific fields like engineering or medicine. For example, in my hometown, most school students apply test-oriented approaches in historical lessons, causing students to be bombarded with historical knowledge, which is not beneficial in supplying background knowledge for them to realize their dream to major in computer engineering or medical sciences at university.

Nonetheless, from my viewpoint, history should become a more precious informative source. Thanks to history classes or museum artifacts related to past wars, there is every likelihood of young generations accumulating a profound knowledge of the sacrifice and contributions of their ancestors in the resistance war against foreign invaders, followed by cultivating their national pride and patriotism. As a result, they may have a tendency to be supplied with motivation and inspiration to put almost every effort into perfecting themselves and making contributions to national development. Another explanation may be that no sooner are students exposed to history lectures than they could enhance their understanding of valuable lessons about successes and failures in the process of predecessors’ national construction and defense. Hence, they might reach higher maturity and greater confidence in avoiding the same mistakes and making wise decisions for their future careers and life.

In conclusion, although people think history lessons can be of no importance, I am of the opinion that there are more benefits of studying history as a huge reservoir of knowledge.

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IELTS Writing Test in 2017 & Band 9.0 Sample – Topic: Energy

IELTS Writing Task 2

Fossil fuel is the main source of energy. In some countries, the use of alternative sources of energy is encouraged. To what extent do you think is it a positive or negative development?


In several parts of the world, fossil fuel plays a primary role in producing energy. However, governmental leaders also promote the utilization of nontraditional sources of power. I believe that this policy could generate both advantages and shortcomings.

There are various benefits of putting renewable power sources into practice. Firstly, when the exploitation of the non-conventional energy sources gains more popularity, followed by a decrease in the utilization of fossil fuel, natural renewable resources, which are being overexploited at an alarming rate and in danger of being exhausted, can be saved with a view to being preserved for later generations. Secondly, non-traditional sources of power like solar energy or wind power are considered to be environmentally friendly. In other words, they may discharge almost no toxic chemical emissions or pollutants. Consequently, the environment can be protected. Finally, factories or corporations generating renewable power can make contributions to supplying more job opportunities for the community and satisfying the increasing requirements for energy for daily social life and industrial production.

Nevertheless, in my view, countries can be confronted with several problems when making use of these kinds of energy. In various cases, when nuclear power plants could leak radioactive substances, the community health will be endangered and the living environment may be poisoned. Additionally, national authorities are obliged to allocate a huge amount of state budget for constructing nuclear power factories, installing windmills or purchasing solar panels, followed by a shortage of national fund for other key sectors like educational systems or health services. Another trouble is that on days with little wind or sunlight, wind power or solar energy can hardly be produced. Moreover, in dry seasons, there is nearly no rain, leading to a lack of water for turbines to produce power. All the above mentioned matters may give rise to a deficiency in electricity for community life and manufacturing.

In conclusion, I am of the opinion that it is beneficial and problematic for nations to exploit renewable sources of energy.

IELTS Writing Actual Test in 2017 & Sample Band 9.0

IELTS Writing Test in 2017

Research has shown that overeating is as harmful as smoking. Therefore, the advertising of certain food products should be banned in the same way as the advertising of cigarettes in some countries. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


It is argued that overeating and smoking can be equally detrimental. Consequently, there should be a ban on advertisements of several food products in a similar way to the prohibition of tobaccos. I partly agree with this viewpoint.

I am in favor of this ban on advertising a number of food items resulting overeating, which pose threats to health conditions like tobacco smoking. When it comes to cigarette smoking, no sooner do smokers absorb numerous chemical substances included in cigarettes into their body than they may be confronted with respiratory diseases like lung cancer or sore throats. Therefore, forbidding cigarette advertisements is synonyms with preventing the above mentioned potential health risks. Similarly, when advertising several foods is prohibited, there is likely to be a decreasing number of individuals knowing these products, which include a high quantity of health-damaging agents like fat or sugar. This prohibition makes significant contributions to reducing widespread overeating and guaranteeing good health conditions for social members.

However, I oppose this ban because other factors may also cause overeating. One obvious element can be that there is an availability of different kinds of parties like farewell parties, house-warming parties or wedding parties. Consequently, people attend almost all of these parties with a view to sharing, or maintaining relationships or expanding their social network, which is responsible for food overconsumption. Another possible factor resulting in overeating is that several parents with low awareness of the hidden health hazards of uncontrolled eating habits could allow their children to eat to the best of their ability for the benefits of their overall growth. That is why, children can eat excessively and they are likely to sustain serious health problems – this situation is not related to food commercials.

In conclusion, based on my above-mentioned analyses and explanations, I partly approve of the ban on several foods like the prohibition of tobacco smoking.

(311 words)

IELTS Writing Test in December, 2016 & Band 8 Model Essay


It is suggested that everyone should have a car, a TV and a fridge. Do disadvantages of this development for society outweigh advantages?


It’s recommended that it is necessary for almost every individual to own a car, a TV or a fridge. This trend brings more advantages than disadvantages.

On the one hand, when community members possess a TV, a fridge and a car, they may be faced with numerous shortcomings. The fact shows that apart from the bills the owners are obliged to pay for running a fridge or a TV on a monthly basis, they have to be charged for car maintenance services and monthly petrol costs. All of these may cause a deficiency in funding for some of their family activities such as childcare or health services. Furthermore, watching TV for a long time can be detrimental to viewers’ eyesight and viewers may become vulnerable to inactive and passive lifestyle. As far as a fridge is concerned, based on a scientific study, the nutrition values of food preserved in the fridge could be reduced and cold drinks which refrigerators supply are likely to lead to sore-throats or tonsillitis.

On the other hand, ownership of these items may bring more positive points. Cars can facilitate people’s travel and avoid undesirable influences of the weather like rain or intense sunlights. Moreover, as regards TV, thanks to being exposed to TV programs, viewers have chances to update the latest news from almost every corner of the world and immerse themselves in their favorite kinds of films or their beloved pieces of music for the purpose of relaxation after hours of hard work. Additionally, a household fridge allows people to preserve and prevent their food and drinks form being decayed and enables them to enjoy cold beverages without going out to purchase some ice. All of these advantages could make citizens’ life more comfortable.

In conclusion, from the above-analyzed explanations, there are more advantages than defects of the development that every citizen is advised to possess a car, a TV or a fridge.

(319 words)

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic: Celebrities & Band 9.0 Sample

IELTS Writing Task 2

Nowadays young people are admiring media and sports stars, even though they do not often set a good example. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?


Stars in the fields of media and sports are gaining more popularity and receiving increasing admiration although they do not display standard behavior in the society. This development may be both positive and negative.

Though they behave in a non-standard manner, these celebrities still have desirable influences on young individuals. When the young become big fans of these stars, they have a tendency to deepen their understanding of how their idols overcome difficulties with view to achieving success and fame. Therefore, young individuals can learn various valuable lessons related to success secrets. In other words, the star admiration of young generations may motivate and inspire them to realize their own dreams. For example, as far as Vietnamese students are concerned, numerous film or sport stars have become a source of motivation and inspiration for them to make their dreams come true to become successful and reputed singers.

However, that young citizens admire stars involved in media and sports who do not set role models could negatively affect youths. To be more specific, no sooner do several singers wear sex-arousing costumes on the stage to attract audiences’ attention and become well-known than the young tend to have a misunderstanding that in order to become attractive and celebrated, scandals can be helpful. In terms of sports, as a consequence of being involved in violence in football matches like using violent action or swearing at referees, those who are huge fans of these football players may support their aggressive behavior and consider them to be heroes or supermen. As a result, they tend to regard combatant behavior toward each other in life as a normal practice. This can make our society unsafe to live in.

In conclusion, while a number of media and sports celebrities do not set good role models, young people are still showing admiration for them. This trend could cause defects and bring benefits.

(312 words)


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