IELTS Writing Actual Test in 2017 & Sample Band 9 – Topic: Genders & Jobs


Some people think that men and women have different qualities. Therefore, some certain jobs are suitable for men and some jobs are suitable for women. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


It is natural that both genders possess distinct features. While it is believed that several occupations are appropriate for men or women on the basis of their own qualities, I partly approve of this viewpoint because each sex can expose equal performance at work to the opposite gender in various cases.

On the one hand, several respective characteristics of each gender may enable them to be compatible with certain jobs. As regards males, they are blessed with good physical stamina, decisiveness or strong will, allowing them to be well qualified for armed forces. For example, men can perform military service or enter the security force because they are able to be confronted with aggressive robbers or combative foreign invaders. Similarly, women, considered to be the weaker sex, tend to be emotional, considerate or meticulous, which makes it possible for them to become prominent at doing household chores or taking responsibility for childcare.

Regardless of the above-mentioned explanations, I accept that males and females can work equally effectively and hold the same social status. At home, there is likelihood of men becoming outstanding at doing the work which is usually given to women. More especially, various males are skilled chefs and a large number of husbands in modern families are excellent at childcare skills compared with their wives. By contrast, various modern women can become breadwinners instead of men. Additionally, in the modern society, women may undertake the same important social positions as their male counterparts. For example, like other male elite members, Angela Markel was elected as the prime minister of Germany, permitting her to reveal her leadership talents and powerful influence on national development policies.

In conclusion, although it is argued both genders have their own separate qualities making them become suited for several jobs, I believe that they are capable of having the same type of jobs irrespective of whether they are male or female.

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IELTS Writing Actual Test in 2017 & Sample Band 9 – Topic: Genders & Jobs
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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Band 8.0 – Topic: Social Life

Some people think a job not only provide  income but also social life.Others think it is better to develop social life with people you do not work with. Discuss both views.


For adults, working is one of the most important aspects of life. Many believe that it is not only salary but also social connections that people get from a job while others argue that social life should be completely divorced from the workplace.

On the one hand, there are other meaningful perspectives to working than just earning a living, one being the social network that people can gain. Admittedly, while earning a living wage is a crucial aspect of working life, communicating is also indispensable and is among the keys to success in any type of work. At some point in their career, people have to work in a team where, in order to be good team players and contribute to the achievement of the group as a whole, socializing with co-workers is inevitable. During this process, many would find themselves having supportive colleagues and developing social skills, which are essential factors in obtaining job satisfaction.

On the other hand, there are strong reasons why social life should be developed outside the workplace. First, when a working environment becomes too friendly, there could be a decline in productivity as workers may fail to efficiently complete their assigned tasks. For example, they might focus more on changing pleasantries rather than finishing the heavy workload, which would severely affect the performance of the organization. Additionally, given the code of conduct and the possible clash of personality within a workplace, it is advisable that colleagues keep a certain distance from each other to maintain professionalism. A spirit of cooperation and friendship is still possible while at the same time retaining certain socially acceptable boundaries of formality and respect.

In conclusion, it seems apparent that either building friendships with co-workers or keeping a safe distance from them has their own merits.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essay Band 8.0 – Topic: Social Life
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