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Yokubjon asked 6 days ago

Could you check my essay?
Write about the following topic:
  More and more prisons are being built to house the world’s criminals, and many people believe long-term imprisonment is the answer to solving the crime problem.
 However, others feel that psychological assistance is what is required. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
 The question of crime prevention was a big challenge for people for many centuries and is remaining so. A variety of laws were made and issued by the governing bodies: which differ in their types. Coming from this, some people view certain ones as harsh, preferring psychological approach and, yet, some hold different opinions. 
First of all, certain forms of punishment, for instance imprisonment, were popular. Social philosophers became more concentrated on this subject, resulting in the development of schools of thought. The term criminology was coined by Italian law professor Raffaele Garofalo in 1885. Their research is carried on by modern criminologists as well, such as Gottfredson, McKenzie, Eck, Farrington, Sherman, Waller and others have been at the forefront of analyzing what works to prevent crime. Commissions and research bodies such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), United Nations (UN), the United States National Research Council, the UK Audit Commission have analyzed their and others’ research on what lowers rates of interpersonal crimes.
 They agree that governments must go beyond the law enforcement and criminal justice to tackle the risk factors that cause crime because it is more cost effective and leads to greater social benefits than the standard ways of responding to crime. Multiple opinion polls also confirm public support for investment in prevention. Waller uses these materials in “Less Law, More Order” to propose specific measures to reduce crime as well as a crime bill. From these and other scholars’ opinions it is clear that long-term imprisonment is not very effective.
 As to the second view of people who believe that psychological assistance can help, I think it can be successful but not always. Because some criminals might already have psychologically transformed into being evildoers. And this sort of assistance might not work well. But it must be noted that psychological assistance is only applied according to the character of a person. This means, I repeat, it will not be handy often.
 To conclude, I think criminologist scholars’ opinions whom I have noted, are right assumptions to be applied.

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