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Yokubjon asked 2 years ago

I would be very glad if someone would check my essay. 
The graph and table present figures on global water usage in three different fields, namely, agriculture, industrial use, domestic use and water consumption in two countries: Brazil and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), also displaying data about population, irrigated land, water consumption per person respectively.
Looking at the graph the first thing that comes to mind is the agriculture sector’s dominance over 2 remaining sectors for a century. Initially, industrial and domestic use of land together accounted for just 100 km3 in 1990. Then it levelled off in this position up to some time after 1940, in comparison with the fact that exactly in this year the agricultural sector made up around 1000 km3 
In the table Brazil is a major figure as it overexceeded the DRC in every step. Brazil’s amount of irrigated land was 265 times larger than that of the Congo’s (which was 100 km2). Perhaps, it could have been connected with DRC’s small population, 5.2 mln people, while Brazil’s was 176 mln. Stemming from it, Brazil also had a remarkable rate of water consumption per person, which was 359 m3. However, the DRC’s statistics for it represented only 8 m3. These turmoils in the Congo can be attributed to economical instability and bad states the country faced.

Writing task 1
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