Would you help me to check it and give me a score? plz

QuestionsCategory: Bar ChartWould you help me to check it and give me a score? plz
Antonia asked 1 year ago

A glance at two figures provided reveals the rates of cosmetic surgery in North Korea between men and women in 2004.

In general speaking, cosmetic surgery in more popular in women than men  and of course their surgery type is totally different from each other,as we can see the most
popular surgery in women is Eyelid surgery over 300,000 of women have taken this kind of surgery to enhance their appearance and the second surgery Rhinoplasty is about 280,000 times,the third one is Laser Skin Resurfacing it has approximately 210,000 times of these procedures were conducted on women  in 2004.Liposuction and Breast Enlargement have 120,000 times and 140,000 times  operations respectively .

Let’s take a look at men’s rates of cosmetic surgery,start from the highest surgery-Hair transplantation a stunning number shows this surgery has been conducted about 60,000 times among men.
Then is the second one Laser Skin Resurfacing this surgery seems also very popular among males has been conducted approximately 58,000 times.
As for Rhinoplasty it only has been operated about 40,000 times.Other than those surgeries Facelift and Abdominoplasty both are not so attractive they only have 15,000 times and 19,000 times of operation respectively.

What’s noteworthy is that both women and men share the same surgery, Rhinoplasty and Laser skin resurfacing.

Would you help me to check it and give me a score? plz
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