Whould you please help me to check and give me a score please?

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topic: in the past, people usually stayed in one place throughout their life. these days, people often move around. they often live in different places in their lifetime, What are the advantages and disadvantages of both? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant informations from your own knowledge and experience.
A few years ago, people used to live and work in a same place, that was the town where they were born an grew up. But, nowadays, there is a tend of changing from place to place throughout the life of a person. In this essay, I will discuss about the positive and negative sides if this phenomenon.
i believe that staying in one place for all a persons’ life had its merits. Such as it was a good way to help all members of the extended family feel closer to each others because every generations gathered under a roof. Another benefit was that, children were looked after carefully by both their parents and their grandparents, so they could grow up healthier. However, beside good points, there were also bad points like children would become more depend on their families as they had too much protection when they were at home. Otherwise, when someone was frustrated or they wanted to have their own space to relax, it was impossible.
These days, people don’t live with their parent after they grow up, they change their accommodations to cities. This helps them have their own space. When you are busy with your job and you feel tired, a private space will release your stress. One of other advantage os changing living place is that people can find careers easier. For instance, youngsters often come to big cities, where there are a lot of factories or companies. But, if someone change their place of living quite often, it will be difficult for them to keep in touch with their families, friend and their relatives. Another drawbacks is that the amount of money you pay for life increases significantly compared to fees of a large family.
Both changing place to live or work and living, working in the same place have its own good and bad points. Personally, i suppose that it depends on the age of a person to choose living constantly or not. If you are young, moving around will give you a lot os experiences bit if you are old, it will be better to find a peaceful space for relaxing.

Whould you please help me to check and give me a score please?
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