What do you think about the positive and negative aspects of this phenomenon?

QuestionsCategory: Advantage/DisadvantageWhat do you think about the positive and negative aspects of this phenomenon?
jasmine asked 1 year ago

Topic: In many countries, fossil fuels are being used. However, in other countries, alternative energy resources are being favored and used more commonly. What do you think about the positive and negative aspects of this phenomenon?


The adaption of the various forms of alternative energy resources is being vigorously debated due to the over consumption of fossil fuels. While numerous countries still rely on fossil fuels as the main energy resource, the increasing number of countries have started to develop alternative energy such as water,solar and tide power. With regard to this phenomenon, respective views will be put forward before personal opinions will be identified.

Apparently. the level of the environment pollution is noticeably increasing . Under this circumstance, alternative energy based on solar and water power can play a pivotal role in reducing pollution. This is because these natural resources are not depleted and they can be reproduced if relevant equipment and system are well-constructed. Hence, these sustainable energy can pave the way to provide people the most environmentally friendly energy production. Another convincing advantage is inextricably linked to the cost for energy production. In fact, the extraction of energy from fossil fuels costs the tremendous amount of money in comparison with the expenditure for alternative energy. For instance, experts suggest that the cost of the cars run by hydrogen is much lower than general vehicles, which results in the great reduction in the expense of energy consumption.

On the contrary, the use of alternative energy can have a toll on the society. Firstly, the expense for installing the operating system would be massive with no guarantees of success. Individuals pinpoint that the current technology of these sustainable energy is in the experimental stage and it can incur high casts for maintaining relevant system. Furthermore, the prominent drawback of renewable energy resources if the reliability of supply. Renewable energy often relies on the weather for its sources of power and it is unpredictable and inconsistent. When these resources are unavailable. it would be difficult to meet the required demand for energy.

In conclusion, utilizing alternative energy has not only positive but also negative influences on society. I am on the same wavelength with the fact that sustainable energy is undoubtedly needed to cope with the increasing environmental pollution on a long-term basis. Therefore, the nations ought to strengthen energy diplomacy and make more efforts to develop eco-friendly alternative energy.

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What do you think about the positive and negative aspects of this phenomenon?
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