Topic: Do you think that it is wrong for people to drink alcohol and then drive? Do you think they should be punished?

QuestionsCategory: Writing Task 2Topic: Do you think that it is wrong for people to drink alcohol and then drive? Do you think they should be punished?
livermore asked 3 years ago

Undoubtedly, in this century of globalization, road accidents are more actual and alarming issue in our society by reason of indifference of individuals. Admittedly, one of the common type of accident associated with some drivers who are accustomed to drink alcoholic beverages prior driving a vehicle. Thus, these days million of innocents are being perished by over drinkers of alcohol. From my prospective, they should be penalized via strict punishments.
To begin with, people can control everything with clear mind but other individuals  who drink alcohol and then drive a car are unable to do so. In fact, alcoholic beverages compel all people to make awkward blunders. In this case, if drunk people drive a car, they may jeopardize lives of other commuters and also this situation leads to ominous deaths.
Obviously government should enforce extraordinary type of punishment since such kind of person is not eligible to customary penalties like mandatory jail sentences or paying money. Main reason, annals of road accidents clearly reveal that always the worst road  conditions occurred again and again by drivers who got completely drunk, even though they underwent before various forms of penalties because of previous accidents. In other words, outlined above mentioned penalties can not alter people’s mind and behaviour to positive way. Therefore, government should transform punishment criteria in order to maintain safety on the highways. For instance, in countries such as Singapore, if someone drink alcoholic beverages and then drive a vehicle, their traffic police arrest him and whip their part of body, back to be exact. In actual fact, this process carry on until their body bleed and at the same time police officer permits other people to show his/her punishment process in order to comprehend awful outcome of this situation. This method of punishment is excellent deterrent because after this penalty enforced in Singapore, road accidents ratio being declined exponentially. Apart from this, exploitative punishment is prudent idea to penalize drunk drivers since during given sentence, they have to do heavy works in particular, cleaning rubbishes, carrying bulky burdens and so on. Furthermore, this way is beneficial for country in order to obtain free workforce.
By way of conclusion, from my personal point of view,  drinking alcohol and then drive a car is incompatible activity to human culture since other commuters may lose their lives easily due to boozy drivers.

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