Time management ( if any words or phrases can make it better)

QuestionsTime management ( if any words or phrases can make it better)
sisi asked 3 years ago

Knowing how to organize time is very important for everyone.
I divide my time into two aspects, one is for studying and working, another one is for my leisure activities.
Because my working time is quite unstable, sometimes I work in the afternoon, and sometimes I need to work whole day during weekends.
So having a timetable is a start point of time management, usually before a week start, I will arrange everything into an excel worksheet to set everything in order, check what is the first priority, and what is the second one.
Also, I will use some apps to help me manage my time better, there is an app call Tomato timing, it is a time tracking, it can show you how much time you spend on every different things, by week and by month, meanwhile  we know that why it is so difficult to follow plans is because people are distracted by their surroundings easily, but once you start this app, it will turn into flight mode automatically, which force myself to concentrate on what I am doing. So with these methods, it can make my work and study more effectively.
And for my leisure, I would like to take it easy
I don’t make such timetable in detail
And also because I am not a social butterfly, so when I am free, I prefer to bring a book, grab a coffee in a nice café, and enjoy for couple hours. Sometimes I go to the gym or play squash, badminton with my friends, it’s a good way to release myself, release the pressure from work.
People always say that they don’t have time, they have so much work to do, from my sight, you will always have time as long as you manage it well.

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Rachel Evans answered 3 years ago

Hi, sisi,

I suggest that you rewrite this essay in format of an academic writing ^^. Usually, personal pronouns are avoided as much as possible, as well as contractions (don’t, doesn’t…)

It seems to me that this is your speaking test’s transcript..



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