The internet what are your opinions on this? Task 2 give me a score plz!

QuestionsCategory: OpinionThe internet what are your opinions on this? Task 2 give me a score plz!
Antonia asked 12 months ago

The Internet has brought a dramatic change to our life nowadays since it shows up a distance barrier exist no more and people are able to communicate to foreigners on the side of the earth in a minute through a single click.

Although internet might cause some victim or crime but overall personally I think it as a thing that gives me a lot of inspirations and knowledge also another way to observe people’s life,if there is no internet I will never know my friend who lives in USA and I would never know those beautiful and magnificent scenic spots all over the world waiting for me to visit,those famous social websites provide a tonnes of new information every second I would say because of internet I have the desire to chase my dream and no matter what make it come true.

I want to stand in the highest room in Dubai staring at the most charming view wait for the sunset because I have seen someone did,I want to visit the Yellow Stone park see those fountains shot into the sky and have a cup of tea in front of the London eye,if I have never seen these things I would never ever know how gorgeous the world is and how others life is and it’s all by the internet.

The pros and cons of internet is always debatable due to the fact that there is so many crimes have been done on it,I hate to admit that some people really use internet as a powerful and convenient tool for commit crime, we all need to beware that kind of trap I would always clean my online footprint and never leak to much information on internet and it’s the best way for yourself get away from the deep mud.

By way of conclusion,I would say the Internet is a two side sword use it properly and it will treat you nicely and vice versa.

give me some advice and band plz

The internet what are your opinions on this? Task 2 give me a score plz!
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