The bar chart shows the number of times per week (in 1000s)

QuestionsCategory: Bar ChartThe bar chart shows the number of times per week (in 1000s)
jasmine asked 8 months ago

The bar chart shows the number of times per week (in 1000s), over five weeks, that three computer packages were downloaded from the internet.

The graph gives information about the download rate per week of the computer packages ActiveX, Java and Net over the course of five weeks. The most striking feature is that ActiveX’s download rate was constantly in the lead, whereas Net’s remained with a significantly lower download rate than the other two packages over the course of those five weeks.

To begin, downloads of ActiveX and java showed a similar pattern of gradually increasing from week 1 to week 5. ActiveX remained in the lead throughout them, starting from 75,000 downloads in the first week and ending with over 120000 downloads in the fifth week. Despite a slight decrease during the week 4, when the download rate went from 110000 downloads in week 3 to 90000 downloads, ActiveX managed to jump back up to 120000 downloads during the fifth week, maintaining it’s position as the most downloaded computer package of all three. In week 1, Java downloads stood at 30000 downloads lower than ActiveX, but kept increasing at a steady rate, finishing the period at 80000 downloads.

The product that was least downloaded was Net. It began at slightly under 40000 downloads and unlike the other two products, Net’s download rate kept gradually decreasing, reaching it’s low at 20000 download during the third week. However, the downloads picked up again and had a rapid increase over the next two weeks until it finally reached a rate of 45000 downloads in the fifth week, which was still well below that of ActiveX’s.

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