thank you for correcting my mistakes and please my mark. many thanks.

QuestionsCategory: Opinionthank you for correcting my mistakes and please my mark. many thanks.
Hai Yen asked 4 years ago

Some people say that teaching the young generations foreign languages is the best way to broaden their visions about the world. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
In recent years, teaching foreign languages has become a phenomenon. Many people indicate that teaching foreign languages for the young generations is important because it is the best paths to expand their horizons. In my perspective, I totally agree with this view.
The first reason is that polyglot has more opportunities to catch up with the news in over the world. This means that students who learn foreign languages are capable to absorb the international information to widen their knowledge not only in their country but also around the world. For example, if a person is able to understand English, which consider as a second language in many countries, they will update the information as soon as possible, in particular, the Presidential election just happened in The United States. Therefore, teaching foreign languages is necessary for broadening students’ perspectives about what happened in the world.
The second reason is that student learn non-native language helps them know more difference cultures and tradition and customs. Because foreign languages act as a necessary instrument that can break the communication limits among countries. Moreover, young people from different places are able to easily exchange new ideas from their own cultures which may be completely unfamiliar to others. This leads to students widen the knowledge about the cultural diversity in many countries.
In conclusion, learning non-native languages is the best method for young generations to expand their knowledge in all aspects.

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