Spelling mistakes in Writing.

QuestionsCategory: Writing Task 2Spelling mistakes in Writing.
Jithin V R asked 2 years ago

Hello Sir,
I used to make 8 to 10 spelling mistakes in essays, How much marks will be deducted for eight spelling mistakes in an essay?

Spelling mistakes in Writing.
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1 Answers
Nam Phuong answered 2 years ago

Actually, score for writing part 2 in IELTS test is divided into 4 main parts: Task response, coherence, vocabulary and grammar accuracy. If you made spelling mistakes, it will lower your mark for vocabulary, thus, lower the overall score. 
You should be aware that the score depend on many other things except for spelling mistakes, so, the information that you made 10 spelling errors is not enough for us to judge on which score you can help.

Spelling mistakes in Writing.
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