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dibaw asked 3 years ago

In according to the table and the table and the chart below we are going to discuss about travelling to work in Houston, Texas.
By paying attention to the table people in ages more than 40 travel mostly By vehicles and just a few persons who have average of 39 would choose cycling or walking to their Jobs which are just about 4%. The most popular transportation method is using cars single-seater wich is 48% and this would cause traffic and air pollution problems. By looking to the bar chart it is shown that it has the most air pollution that co2 emissions for car-drive only is more than o3 kilograms per person per kilometere. for The rest of people inhabit Houston is typical to use public transportation such as bus and Train. according to the data given In the table the percentage of these people are 37% and 47 average. By attending to the bar chart it is obvious the co2 emissions from buses or trains are less than %5 kppk (kilograms per person per kilometers) and its the best way for avoiding airpollution and traffic.

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