Requesting again to assess my essay

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jasmine asked 1 year ago

Topic for task 2 general training: Although more and more people read news on the Internet, newspapers will remain the most important source of news. Do you agree or disagree?

Technology has made its place in almost every field. It is conspicuous that print media is also not an exception; people do prefer to read news on their laptops or smart devices. Citing the proliferated usage of technology I feel that newspapers will lose its importance in recent future.

Firstly, news from paper is usually delayed. People can have newspaper in morning or evening, so the news reaches to its audience pretty late. In this fast competitive era people want themselves to keep up-to-date. Internet updates the information every second hence news gets broadcasted very fast. For instance, a bomb blast alert in a particular area is to be announced as early as possible, printing it in a newspaper would not help anybody. On the contrary if it’s get telecasted through web, it will be more meaningful and people can take action in appropriate time.

Furthermore, opponents like environment activists has a belief that people cut a lot of trees to make paper which harms the nature. By not promoting print media they are actually ameliorating the environmental conditions. It’s irrefutable that loss of trees is a loss to humanity. Hence, it supports that to save nature people should focus on digital media.

In the light of aforementioned facts, nobody will disagree that digital media offers up-to-date information and helps to preserve our environment. Hence, I would like to recapitulate that newspaper will lose its significance in near future as digital media is gaining its prominence.

Requesting again to assess my essay
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