Rachel Rvans could you check my essay please?

QuestionsCategory: OpinionRachel Rvans could you check my essay please?
Khurshidbek asked 3 years ago

Space exploration us too much expensive and the money should be spent on more important things.What is your opinion?

Investigating space has constantly been provocative for researchers,especially for astronomers.To some,exploring it is extremely pricey and expenditures ought to be spent to other much more crucial things,such as :declining the poverty ,environmental destructions and improving the technology.It is agreed that these issues have greater role in relation to that for the former in our modern life.The further paragraphs will provide the number of reasons which can corroborate the abovementioned point of view.

There can be some perspectives that under seeking areas beyond the Earth planet is worth to the astronomical spendings .This can be because aliens whose lifestyles are almost identical with human beings’ might be found and their area can be an optimal place to survive when the Earth comes about uninhabitable.However, the problems which are mentioned above are currently essential since they are germaned to mankinds’ lives.

In some parts of the world majority of people are suffering from variety of illnesses and dying woing to lack of food as well as water resources.Moreover,environmental concerns like air and water pollution exist in almost all areas.In order to save more and more individuals lives and deacrease the rate of pollutions investing the most share of the money which are spending to expedite the space would be much more sensible action.

What is more,hi-tech plays an integral role in this world.The more sum of money humans invest to the development of those form of technologies,the better chances they will have to make their lifestyles convinent.This is to the fact that money together with time could be saved by using the new gadgets.Givent time,they may make the exploration of space less challenging and relatively inexpensive.

Although ,there are some views that a huge amount of money should be spent to the investigation of space ,commuting them to decrease the destituteness,environmental difficulties and to improve the cutting edged technologies would be beneficial for humankind’s.

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