Rachel and Thuy Dung Pham, please check my essay my exam is on 16th, Februray. Thanks in advance.

QuestionsCategory: Writing Task 2Rachel and Thuy Dung Pham, please check my essay my exam is on 16th, Februray. Thanks in advance.
Arora asked 3 years ago

The main aim of advertising campaign is to increase  sales of a certain product but people  don’t really need it. To what extent you agree or disagree ? Give your own opinion and relevant examples.
Whether advertisements are essential or not  is heated debate in all cornersof the world.  Some people say that the motive behind advertisements isjust increase the publicity and sales of products, thus is no longer need. In my perspective, I strongly disagree with this idea because there have enormous benefits of advertisements. 
First of all , nowadays there are numerous goods available in supermarket and it is very intricate task to find appropriate product . In this situation advertisements may be proved helpful for buyers because they can get the information regarding particular products while sitting at their home from sources of media, where people can access advertisements. Therefore, it makes their choice more reliable. Secondly , it could be saved the time of people while shopping. In fact, nowadays consumers are fully aware of ongoing trends and they analyse products hundred times before purchasing. Similarly, they read about weight, price and nutritional values of eatable but it requires a lot of time, then advertisements is good option for them . They can gather such kinds of information from advertisements, hence, rather spending time in markets for just to read about products, they will directly go to market and buy that product without squandering time there. 
However, some time unauthentic information is shown on screens in order to increase sales only. Weighting all facts, advantages are outweigh than its disadvantages. 
In my perspective, I regard publicity of goods because it does not only saves our time when we go for shopping but also a good source of knowledge. 
In conclusion, advertisements do not give information regarding products to consumers while sitting at home but also save their time. 

Arora replied 3 years ago

Thanks Rachel very much. You are really very helpful.

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Rachel Evans answered 3 years ago

Whether advertisements are essential or not is heated debate in all corners of the world. Some people say that the motive behind advertisements is just to increase the publicity and sales of products, thus is no longer need. (what’s the subject of this part?) In my perspective, I strongly disagree with this idea because there have enormous benefits of advertisements. 
First of all, nowadays there are numerous goods available in supermarket and it is very intricate task to find appropriate product. In this situation advertisements may be proved helpful for buyers because they can get the information regarding particular products while sitting at their home from sources of media, where people can access advertisements. Therefore, it makes their choice more reliable (W.Choice). Secondly, it could be saved (could save – active is more appropriate) the time of/for people while shopping. In fact, nowadays consumers are fully aware of ongoing trends and they analyse producthundred times before purchasing. Similarly, they read about weight, price and nutritional values of eatable but it requires a lot of time, then advertisements is are good options for them. They can gather such kinds of information from advertisements; hence, rather spending time in markets and buy that product without squandering time there. However, some time/ sometimes unauthentic information is shown on screens in order to increase sales only. Weighting all facts, advantages are outweigh than its disadvantages./ outweigh its disadvantages
In my perspective, I regard publicity of goods because it not only does saves our time when we go for shopping but also a good source of knowledge.
In conclusion, advertisements do not give information regarding products to consumers while sitting home but also save their time.
TA – 6.0

  • address parts of the task
  • there clear position throughout the respond
  • lack of focus at places

CC – 6.0
LR – 6.0

  • some errors in word choice, word form…

GRA – 6.0
Overall 6.0
I’m so sorry for this late respond.. :”<

Arora replied 3 years ago

Thanks Rachel very much. You are really very helpful.


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