Positive or Negative Development of freely available News paper & Music on the Internet

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jasmine asked 7 months ago

Positive or Negative Development of freely available News paper & Music on the Internet

21st Century is the era of advancement in technological development. Nowadays due to this many newspapers, music, videos are freely available on the internet. Some people believe that it has negative development instead of positive. I tend to believe that, its benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

On the one hand, some people promptly to believe that, freely available newspaper can spread the news within a moment allover world and update immediately. This is possible due to advancement in technology and people get alerted if in case there is any emergency news alert and need to take action. For instance, Japan earthquake alert by message in mobile phones and update news, frequently inform public what is going on by the internet. Even this news can be shared easily with someone. As regards, freely available music on the internet, it can be published easily in the world. It has several benefits. Music helps to calm down & release stress. For instance, to increase production in factories, good musical environment improves productions. Music lovers enjoy different types of music and download whenever needed at anytime; anywhere. Consequently, I believe that freely available music and news on internet are playing vital role in positive development.

On the other hand, freely available things are not actually free. While reading news on the internet, there are several advertisements pop-up on screen which may distract readers to read complete news. Such advertisements continuously hamper readers. In addition to that it may create problem to eyes as well as different health problems. As regards, music, one can download freely from many websites, but it may be illegal or may be not free in real. It may cause financial loss to those really work hard to create wonderful music. We must appreciate music producers and have to pay can be done to the real market price. While downloading some web virus serious can damage system. Subsequently, security risk of data and other things always remains there. Considering these real facts, it is a difficult to claim we are leading complete positive development.

To conclude, freely available things on the Internet is open gateway to positive development. There are several benefits; however we have to understand negative impact on other side. Now, we need to think out of box and ought to consider real fact and value of some things. If we move in good manners then of course our future would be great.

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