Please score my essay and what band I could get. Pie chart question.

QuestionsCategory: Pie ChartPlease score my essay and what band I could get. Pie chart question.
jasmine asked 8 months ago

Please score my writing and what band I could get.


The pie charts show the electricity generated in Germany and France from all sources and renewables in the year 2009.

The pie charts illustrate the renewable and finite sources used to generate electricity in Germany and France during 2009 measured in billion kWh. Overall, it can be seen that the most used source in Germany was conventional thermal, whereas France was mostly dependent on nuclear energy.

To begin, Germany’s most used source was conventional thermal, which contributed to 59.6% of it’s 560 billion kWh output, in contrast to France’s almost one tenth use of conventional thermal. France’s most used source was Nuclear energy, which represented over three quarters of electricity generating sources used, almost three times as much as Germany’s use of it, which was only 23%.

We can see that renewables represented similar percentages for both Germany and France, at 17.4% and 13.7% respectively. Around four fifths of France’s use of renewables relied on hydroelectric, compared to Germany’s small use of it at only 17.7%. Whereas Germany was largely dependent on biomass and wind in their renewable energy use, at similar percentages of 39.3% and 36.9% respectively, they represented only 18.6% of France’s used sources. Both countries had a relatively low use of solar energy, as Germany’s was 6.1% and France had even significantly smaller usage of it at only 0.9%. It’s also notable that both countries had nonexistent use of geothermal.

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