Please I would like someone to correct my Writing Task 2. I'm taking the test on December 3rd. Thank you in advance

QuestionsCategory: Writing Task 2Please I would like someone to correct my Writing Task 2. I'm taking the test on December 3rd. Thank you in advance
Carlos Daniel Villalobos asked 4 years ago

I really would appreciate if you can correct my mistakes and use the evaluation criteria to mark my essay.
One of the consequences of improved medical care is that peolple are living longer and life expentancy is increasing.
Do you think the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages.
It is true that the medicine field has developed so quickly during the last decades. Hence, it it common to see people living over 75 years, which was very rare in the early twentieth century. This has led to some pros and cons, that have to be considered to agree wether or not this improvement has more benefits than disadvantages. 
First, the life of people has changed dramatically as everybody realized that they are going to live longer. This can be seen in the fact that many young married couples are retarding their child plans to later in their 30s, which gives them more time to accomplish professional goals in their work field. In addition, older adults can still enjoy plenty of years after their retirement, which translates in a better life quality.
On the other hand, the world is experiencing some issues because of the increase in life expectancy, such as climate change and overpopulation. Some countries have very high birth rates and people are being born faster than the governments can provide the essential requirements in order to enjoy a comfort life. Additionally, since nowadays there are more habitants, consumption of natural resources has increased, which have affected the environment significantly and it can be noticed in the fact that natural disasters are more frequent these days.
Although the expansion of life expectancy thanks to the advances in medical research has brought issues to humans, it does not mean that there is not a solution. If world leader unite and work together, some policies and laws can be proposed to overcome this situation. This way, we as a society can enjoy our life and stop worrying about these problems.

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