Please help me correct this!!!!

QuestionsPlease help me correct this!!!!
nguyenlykimngan asked 2 years ago
The line graph compares the number of residents of Columbia, Yamhill and Washington in Oregon over the course of 64 years starting from 1940.
It is clear that the figure for people was significantly lower in 1940. However, while the number of Columbia and Yamhill increased slightly, the figure of Washington experienced a considerable rise from the year 1970.
There was a slight increase in the number of people of two counties of Oregon: Columbia and Yamhill. From 1940 to 1970, the figure of Columbia went up from just under 30 thousand people to over 32 thousand people. In the period of the next 31 years starting from 1970, these figures continued to climb up stably.
While the number of residents of Washington rose significantly from 75 thousand people to around 120 thousand people. The figure continued to go up and reach a peak at just over 240 thousand people, a rise of about 160 thousand people in 31 years.

Please help me correct this!!!!
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