Please help me correct this essay!!!

QuestionsPlease help me correct this essay!!!
nguyenlykimngan asked 2 years ago

Learning a foreign language offers an insight into how people from other cultures think and see the world. The teaching of a foreign language should be compulsory at all primary schools. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
It is true that studying a foreign language can make people solve the problems in different ways so some people believe that it is very essential for pupils to learn a foreign language at school. I totally agree with this statement.
Firstly, studying a foreign language helps people see the world from a variety of perspectives because they could find new solutions when learn a new language which comes from different cultures. Besides, it is also a tool to explore new things since knowing how to use a language can help them understand what the native speakers are talking about. For example, when they watch a series of foreign cuisine, they will comprehend the culture of that country if they learn its language. Apart from studying the essence of a country, confidence can be gained when communicating with other people in different languages. 145
Secondly, it is essential for primary students to be taught a new language at school because it will bring a lot of benefits when applying it into education. Learning a new language will be less complicated if they study it when they are young because students can understand easily. Moreover, there will be more time to improve all of their skills when they are growing. As an illustration, in Vietnam, English is taught to children when they are in grade 3 so it is really favorable condition for pupils to use professionally it the future. Learning new things, especially new language can help them open their mind, change the way they see the world, help them be more persistent and improve their characteristics.
In conclusion, new language helps people think in many situations from various perspective and I believe that it is necessary to teach a new language at primary schools.

Please help me correct this essay!!!
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