Please check my writing task 1…I really want to know at which band I am!!!

QuestionsCategory: Line ChartPlease check my writing task 1…I really want to know at which band I am!!!
livermore asked 4 years ago

The supplied line graph gives data on fluctuation in the number of subway passangers in UK between at 6 :00 and 22:00.
It is clearly illustrated that rush hours come with between 6:00 and 8:00. In this period about 400 people using from metro. Afterwards, quantity of people plunge swiftly to reach just under 200 at 10:00. Then, passangers usage rates go up progressively to roughly 300 in next 4 hours. Nevertheless, then numbers dip significantly until 100 which is very similar to at 6 : 00. However, people usage figures rise enormously to obtain nearly 400 at 18:00. After second busiest hour, number of passangers decline quickly until approximately 110 in next 2 hours. After that, amount of commuters go up mildly to over the 150 at 21:00. Last hour occure a small change. Namely, just about 115 people utelise from underground in this period.
Overall, UK station is most crowded in the early morning and early evening.

Thuy Dung Pham replied 4 years ago

Could you please send the graph, too? Thank you.

livermore replied 4 years ago


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