Please, check my graph description (IELTS)

QuestionsPlease, check my graph description (IELTS)
Dmitry asked 2 years ago

The following pie charts illustrate distribution of water used for industrial, agricultural and domestic needs in six regions.
First of all, it is important to note, that in Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia distributions of water use do not differ a lot. For instance, percentage of water used for Agricultural sphere is prevalent, because for these three areas percentage lies between 80 and 90 per cent. Meanwhile amount of water used for industrial and domestic needs both is less than 13 per cent. In South America agricultural area also places first place, 71% of water people use for agricultural sphere. Despite this fact, there is another trend in North America and Europe. It is also significant no notice that proportion in these regions are quite similar. The majority of water people spend for Industrial sphere, they spend approximately 50% of water in both regions for industrial needs, about 35% for agricultural and rest for domestic area.
Overall we can notice similar distributions in Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia, where Agricultural sphere is leader of water consumption. And also similar distributions in Europe and North America, where industrial is foreground sphere.
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Please, check my graph description (IELTS)
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