Please check my essay, your remarks are very important for me. My exam is on 18th Febuary.

QuestionsCategory: Problem-SolutionPlease check my essay, your remarks are very important for me. My exam is on 18th Febuary.
thaongh asked 3 years ago

TOPIC: These days, in many countries, fewer and fewer people want to become teacher, particularly in secondary schools.
What are the reasons for this, and how could the problem be solved?

In recent years, the number of people who chose teacher to be their career is decreasing noticeably, especially secondary teacher. This problem is caused by many reasons and some of them will be discussed below with my own recommendations.
Let’s start with the reason which makes people concern the most: there are too many work for a teacher. They not only have to finish taskes involving teaching work such as: designing the teaching scripts, searching and editing the extra information for their lectures, marking and reviewing students’ exams and so on, which are such time-consuming, but also  have to do some other paper works. Consequently, their life balance between work and family is seriously damaged. Some of them even do not have enough time to take care for their own children. To deal with this fact, school should release the amount of work of teacher by gaining the number of teaching assistants, who are going to do paper work and help main teachers finish their job.
Another problem we should talk about is the mischievous behaviors of students, especially secondary students. At this ages, children tent to have rebellious thoughts coming from the desires to assert their egos and attract the others’ attention, which make them behave in a lack-of-standard way. These action may hurt the teachers and even effect negatively on their teaching passion. Parents should take responsible for this problem and teach their children in a stricter way to respect teachers.
Last but not least, one of the most important drawback is the financial problem.  According to the recent report of Vietnam, the average salary of teacher in a decade from 2005 slightly increased, but to compare with other job such as doctor or office workers, it is still a huge gap. Some of the teachers said that they could not cover their living cost if they did not have other source of income. For this problem, government should spend more attention on this field to improve the teachers’ life condition.
In addition, there are many reasons for the decrease in the number of people who want to be teacher, such as: life balance, life condition and the behavior of students. To solve this problem, schools, parents and government have to take an action immediately. Otherwise, a huge amount of talented young people will not have a change to spread their knowledge to future generation, which will strongly effect the strength of country.

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