Please check my essay, your remarks are very important for me. My exam is on 17th,Febuary.

QuestionsCategory: Writing Task 2Please check my essay, your remarks are very important for me. My exam is on 17th,Febuary.
Sahil asked 2 years ago

 Nowadays in some countries children are given responsibility compared to past. Some believe that it is a positive trend while others argued otherwise.Discuss both ideas . What is your opinion.
In the present, children in several nations are well  educated, shrewd, prudent and responsible than ever before,they are able to manage small task at their homes. But in meantime whether is a negative development or possible has sparked a heated debate. Some people consider it as a fundamentally beneficial, while others content that it has a detrimental effects as well.
On the first hand side, experts who endorse it as a positive development  say there have enormous merits. Firstly, when children start managing small responsibilities, they usually become responsible, sincere and can enhance their communication skills. For instance, a child age between 12-14 with responsibility of purchasing small goods from nearest markets is more shrewd and well in dealing with others,  comparatively with a child who has no such kind of duties. Secondly, juveniles can learn to control their patients and collect experience while paying their contribution in home chores with their parents. In fact, in many nations, children are encouraged to manage such duties by their parents lest they can develop their personality as well as attitude towards life.
On the other hand side, many veterans notion that this trend is not downside free. Mainly, pupils might be became unable to give proper time as well as full concentration in their academics, which is most significant than entire tasks. Hence, it can leads to poor performances in their studies. lastly, many children are so innocent and amiable that they easily believe on everybody, they would be caught under the words  of shopkeepers while shopping. Therefore, they can become victim of fraud  cases, which is extremely frequent in every corner of the planet.
In my perspective, I regard managing duties by children. Though, it has direct merits on the personal qualities of children. However, rest of the demerits could be solved by making proper schedule and spread of awareness among them.
In conclusion, it is quite obvious that taking part in small responsibilities by children has both good and minus points. As advantages are overwhelm than its disadvantages. Still, I hold the belief that this trend would come with benefits.

Please check my essay, your remarks are very important for me. My exam is on 17th,Febuary.
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