Please check my essay, i will take an exam on february, i appreciate your help, thank you.

QuestionsPlease check my essay, i will take an exam on february, i appreciate your help, thank you.
mike ross asked 5 months ago

ESSAY TOPIC: In many countries, schools have problems with students behaviour. what do you think are the causes of this? What solution can you suggest?
For the last few years, the problem connected to student behaviour and their students have worsened to some extent. In fact, these misbehaviour issues have even resulted in a failure on their level of success. In this essay, there will be some opinions supported with examples and given solutions.
Probably, one of the main factors that lead to this problem is home environment where children are brought up. Basically, in most counrties both parents work to support the family and provide all comforts for their children, such as ; prestigious schools, better care and certainly all cutting-edge technology. However, parents will end up failing to spare enough time to take care of children and talk about their studies. As a result, children find themselves cast-out and alone.
Moreover, due to lack of time, parents can not attend school meeting or consult th issues regarding their children’s education. Teachers attempt to give a better attention and care for them, but parents fail to meet these necessary aspects of upbringing.
To tackle this issue, parents should allocate more time for children and be quiet a good model themselves. In iddition, parents ought to back teachers up when there is a problem and  collaborate.
In conclusion, as far as i am concerned, the solution of this problem lies with parents and teachers working together. Unless some urgent steps are taken to deal with this problem, we will face even more serious ones in the future. 

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