Please check my essay give me some feedback as my exam is in next week. Thanks in advance

QuestionsCategory: Writing Task 2Please check my essay give me some feedback as my exam is in next week. Thanks in advance
Nisha asked 3 years ago

Roadways are most convenient way of transportation. Nevertheless, there are some problems related to them such as, traffic congestion, pollution etc. but appropriate steps can be taken to get rid of these issues.

On the one hand, as peoples’ lives have become more prosperous and they can afford personal vehicles, number of cars and motorbikes are increasing on road. The most bothering issue nowadays, many motorways are facing is, traffic congestion. As the personal vehicles have increased, users of roadways too. Not only on national highways but also on internal roads, traffic moves at snail’s pace, particularly in rush hours. Because of this time consuming consequent, people are spending so much time in traffic, so productivity of persons is decreasing. On the other hand,Another considerable implication of increased vehicles on roads is, high rise in the levels of air pollution, Which in turn affect human health. People are prone to many diseases related to air pollution.

Though, there are some concerns related to motorways, there are measures so that we can tackle these problems effectively. Firstly, people should start using public transport, instead of their personal vehicles, whenever possible.
This will reduce number of motors on road and thereby decreasing traffic congestion. Many people avoid to use public transport buses because of the poor conditions of these buses. In this regard, government have to take steps to improve condition of these buses, so that public will use them. To reduce air pollution caused by vehicles, there should be a policy in place so that every motor user or vehicle user have to check his/her vehicle for pollution level. This will prevent diseases caused by pollution.

In conclusion, motorways help people to travel at their own convenience. But there are some detrimental effects of extensive use of motorways, for example, increased traffic and pollution, there are some measures which government and people can take to deal with these issues.

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