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Kieu Son Hoang asked 10 months ago

More and more people have pets in their homes. 
What are the advantages and disadvantages of having pets ?

Pets have become commonplace in many households, leading to the fact one would be hard-pressed to find a household without pets such as fish, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and even turtles. However, in my opinion, being a pet owner brings both benefits and drawbacks on the following grounds.
To begin with, one of the most obvious advatanges associated with keeping domestic animals is the development of stronger bonds with families. Specifically, pets, especially dogs are so playful that even if you are doing something, you will be swayed to cuddle and play with them, adding more joy and delight to the familial atmosphere. Another contributor which justifies the convenience of owning a pet is the physical and mental benefits to children. Experts agree that pets at home have several health gains, especially for the emotional growth of a child. With the presence of domesticated animals at home, the juvenile will learn how to control their temper. When it comes to physical growth, they noticeably help children enjoy running and exercising.
 Despite these attractions, however, the adoption of pets might exert a significantly negative influence. One of the major concerns is the family members being bitten, who might suffer from rabies. Even if pets are domesticated, we cannot expect them to behave like a real person. Sometimes, animals have a temper, especially if they are hurt. Thus, we should take necessary precautions to make sure that no one is bitten. Furthermore, considerable cost in having a pet is also a vital factor that needs to be taken into account. It has to be well planned and we should be ready to commit not only our time, but also our money to ensure that he is always healthy. Buying essential grooming kits for pets, food, and other accessories like collars and leash can be very expensive.
The advantages of having a pet at home may outweigh the disadvantages. However, it is important that responsibility and proper care are needed.

Need help assess writing task 2
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