my IELTS is exam on 4th march … please check my answer, and give me feedback

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dasddasf asked 4 years ago

Question : Some universities offer online courses as an alternative to classes delivered on campus. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?
Some schools are providing many online courses for their students, also, many student has been choosing online courses, schools are increasing online lecture. I believe that internet courses are positive effects.
The education method was affected by online education system. Firstly, students can listen to lecture in the other place such as home and outside through internet access, and they are not affected by the time. so, the student will be able to study at the anywhere and anytime. Secondly, many students can save much money through they reduce unnecessary behavior. For example, they do not need rent a house nearby school, and it does not need spend money such as living cost for their school life. In addition, some student chooses faraway university from the home, however they do not need to go to other city because they can join the class at home.
On the other hand, the people argue that the students will not focus on the class at home. But, school could check through the online attendance as well as the webcam connect real time to proceed class. So, school can prevent this problem. Furthermore, many universities could reduce admission fee and tuition fee. the universities could provide cheaper price than offline class price to students, also, they will be able to offer public relation to worldwide students their school.
In conclude, online courses have positive effects. Accordingly, the school should concentrate maintain the online program, also, they ought to make more various courses for future students.

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