Dilshod asked 3 years ago

Tobacco and Alcohol are drugs that cause addiction and health problems.Some people believe that they should be made illegal.To what extent do you agree or disagree?                                     There are widely differing views on the issue of tobacco and alcohol should be illegal or vice versa.The question whether arises that the vicissitudes of people opinions induce these conditions.I strongly maintain that many should not put so much emphasis on making both drugs illegally .                                                 For a start, it is axiomatic that the will of the people velleity cause to result in plethora of woes that making both drugs illegally is the paradigm in this life.Moreover, they customarily result in countries illegally and they uproot some social skills as well as  each of them cause to addiction and health problems on the grounds that firsthand they appeared in numerous countries.Besides that, both drugs contribute to 100000 deaths in plethora of countries.Hereby, they have a duty to be uprooted or should be legal .                                                           I englighten standpoint that a veneer of them should not be reason to these woes.The majority of people who have a duty to grapple them on the grounds that both of them may induce to some issues that addiction and health woes are the  momentous paradigm as well as numerous people fathom to avoid them namely chronic illnesses.Futhermore, provisional government make first arrangement to solve these predicaments.Hence, it is yet up to people’s options to opt and make them illegal or not.                                                     In conclusion, it appears to me that countries have a duty to vanquish over these issues and fraught with hazardous preedicaments with a view to ensuring brilliant and permanent life.These issues should be vanished, because of worthy and valuable actions.Many should reap the benefits and contribute to social life through reducing problems.

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