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AdamRahimov asked 4 years ago

     Cutting-edge technology reshapes many aspects of human life, including communication. One of these technological gadgets which have become a part of our life, are mobile phones. Although it has countless benefits, some people argue that the drawbacks of cell phones are enough not to ignore. In this essay, I will look at the issue from multiple perspectives and draw some conclusion.
    First, it is undeniable that mobile phones provide the flexibility in terms of communication. Because of these advanced devices, people can stay in touch more easily, despite long distances. Particularly, many students who study abroad rely on cell phones to communicate with their family and friends. Besides communication, mobile phones can provide convenience due to its sophisticated application. For example, businessmen can do their business more efficiently with office programs on cell phones. Additionally, people listen to music, watch or download videos for which we just require internet connection. This is can be more useful for people who often get stuck in traffic jams.
    As the proverb goes, “Every coin has its two sides”, utilizing of mobile phones also have some drawbacks. Along the invention of cell phones, chatting online take the place of face-to-face communication. It has been proved that, nowadays, people are more likely to feel isolated because of restrictions on online communication.
   Secondly, the extend usage of these sophisticated tools can be a health hazard for people, especially young children. To spend much time with using mobile phones can be concluded with a sedentary life. Additionally, the signals which cell phones produce can be the main culprit of some diseases, such as brain cancer.
   Admittedly, there are both merits to both arguments, however, I deem the advantages of mobile phones superior to the disadvantages. In order to corroborate my view I can restate, although technology can potentially be overused, it can be very beneficial if it is utilized in moderation.

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