Many museum charge for admission while others are free….

QuestionsCategory: Advantage/DisadvantageMany museum charge for admission while others are free….
Harie Jane asked 1 year ago

Many museum charge for admission while others are free. Do you think the advantages of charging people for admission to museum outweigh the disadvantages?

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People have opposing ideas on wether is correct to pay the ticket for museums or if they should be free of charge. I think that both possibilities have advantages and disadvantages, so a deeper analysis is needed.

First of all, charging people for admissions means earnings for the museum, so the museum itself can be upgraded with new areas, new attractions and can offer a better experience to visitors. Secondly, many people are actually working in a museum, especially as tourist guides or as references in the info points. Consequently, paying the ticket also has the aim to support these workers in order to guarantee a better organization of the structure that could bring more and more clients.

But actually there are some disadvantages as well. For instance, many visitors think that culture must be free for anyone since representing the history of a Country or a Town, or whatever. So people with this point of view, which actually has reason to exist, will not pay for a museum ticket, choosing only free attractions if they can. Another disadvantage is that, in many cases, admission tickets costs too much if compared to what the museum can offer, resulting in a bad advertising that a visitor could give to other potential clients.

Overall, I don’t think that advantages of charging visitors outweigh all the disadvantages, but paying a ticket is justified most of the times. I had the opportunity to see St. Patrick Cathedral in Dublin and I had an awesome experience since the admission ticket was onli 3 or 4 euros, than you are given the possibility to pay extra money for a guided tour and for souvenirs, but only if you want. That is a great organization since it stands in the middle of the two opposing cases analyzed in this essay.

Many museum charge for admission while others are free….
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admin answered 1 year ago

Some museums around the world charge entrance fees while other are free to visit. It has both the benefit and the drawbacks, however, advantages are greater than disadvantages.
Payment while entering a museum could be a financial burden on poor citizen. As in this modern, earning for livelihood is a struggle for many individuals, so paying charges for visiting a museum look injustice with them. For instance, a man from lower class family would not be able to show his children the cultural heritage in the museums. Keeping in view these facts, some rules and regulation favouring these people is needed. One possible solution is the introduction of a filter that would differentiate among the different classes of individuals, and would grant free entry to poor people.
On the contrary, the beneficial effects of this act outweigh the negative impacts and are worth mentioning. Firstly, the income generated by charging visitors could be used for various purposes. For example, it can be donated as charity to needy people or organization; in addition, can be used for the maintenance of the museum. Secondly, it would prevent uninterested from entering just for time pass. Thirdly, it would reduce overcrowding, so would decrease the chances of accidents. Finally, as it is easy for a thief to steal an antique when the place is densely populated, so its chances would be dropped to a greater extent, keeping eyes on few people is much more easier than a huge crowd.
In conclusion, although an entrance tickets to a museum is a burden on poor families. However, overall outcome of this implementation is fruitful for both the society and the museum.

Many museum charge for admission while others are free….
5 (100%) 2 votes

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