Kindly evaluate my Task 1

QuestionsKindly evaluate my Task 1
adamali asked 3 years ago


The first given graph demonstrates the wave –energy machine layout, while the other one shows different potential sites for the machine installation. The wave-energy machine is dependent mainly on converting energy generated by waves to electricity and it has two possible sites for working. By looking at the image, it can be seen that the machine is designed to receive water waves in the same direction and direct it towards a turbine through two chambers, afterwards, these waves move the turbine by air flow in and out the chambers. Then, the power generated by these movements is converted to electricity by a generator. The wave-energy machine can be fixed in two different locations. The first location is where there is large waves-high output but the disadvantage of this site that it has a high-cost installation process; in contrast, the second place is in a small wave –low output area which has low installing costs

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