İt is my first essay and I really do not have any idea about which band I'm. Please help me.

QuestionsCategory: Problem-Solutionİt is my first essay and I really do not have any idea about which band I'm. Please help me.
helpplease asked 4 years ago

In many countries today there are many highly qualified graduates without employment. What factors may have caused this situation and what, in your opinion, can/should be done about it?
  A great amount of people are nowadays jobless due to the dearth of practical skills and growing population, although they are well-educated. Fortunately, there can be taken some measures to tackle with the situation.
  Firstly, I believe that higher population of some developing countries to their actual demand of job vacancy has rendered a large group of well-educated people unemployed. Secondly, the fact that most of the population wished to have university degree has also contributed to the unemployed proportion, as industrial sectors are generally constituted by practically equipped people. Third and lastly, poor education quality of universities are began to despised by employers, which thus directed employers to look for practically experienced workers.
 On the other hand, I believe there are some precautions that can be enacted or practically applied by both governments and individuals. First of all, most important step should be implemented by authorities by having a control of population growth. For example, governments could introduce a ban over birhrate which therefore would enable them to prohibit unnecessary increase on population and that consequently would cause work possibilities and its demand would be equal. Secondly, people could be familiarised on practical skills, instead of having a theoric university education. Last and as as significant step, people could study by considering their country’s urgent needs, not by wishing to make their dream real. To examplify, it is known that, in current societies, sociologists or philosophy graduated student are unlikely to have a job.
 İn conclusion, I believe that the most important reason for well-educated unemployed people is higher population and the lack of practical skills, having said that, I also think most effective solution for this would be curbing the population and being practically educated.

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