İt has been nearly a week I took an account and nobody has assessed my any essay before. I really do not have any idea which band I'm. Please help me, thank you.

QuestionsCategory: Dicussionİt has been nearly a week I took an account and nobody has assessed my any essay before. I really do not have any idea which band I'm. Please help me, thank you.
ieltstaker asked 4 years ago

While some people consider global warming to be the most pressing environmental problem which we have at the moment, others believe that deforestation has a more devastating impact on our world.
Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
 Both problems have been continuing to be one of the major issue of world have been facing. To a certain extent, I agree with those who think that deforestation should be preferential duty to be tackled however I also believe global warming is a big manace as well.
Getting involved by the green is inevitable for human being and the fact that forests provide us oxygen to live makes them necessary to be had. A world without forest which is called ‘’lungs of the world’’ would create lethal impacts on people. İn such a situation for example, we possibly wake up in day which is darkened, not by the absence of the sun, by the dense smoke which generated by our cars, planes, heaters and huge factories. There are some examples of this, such as in china or india, people have to use masks not to breathe poisonous and dirty air in some certain points of the these countries because of firstly deforestation and secondly huge industries’ wastes which can not purify by the dearth of trees. İn addition to this, if deforestation transceds a certain limit, it would be irreversible. Our technology could not create anything which could fullfil forest’s duty instead of it that would clean world’s atmosphere regularly and that would provide purified air everyday without complaining, by toiling like a peasant, an effective worker which does not require salary.
 On the other hand, it is known that a great range of pole animals at danger as poles are melting by time elapses which is a big threat for next generations. Additionally extra waters, which generated by the melting process of poles could cause massive floods which would make indigenous people homeless as well as could tore down the cities which are located in the vicinity of coast lines of the oceans. For example, I know that some people in certain cities of america which are situated in the coast line, once reported that they can not buy any furniture or can not build anything near to ocean because of the devastating floods which are created by the melting poles. Lastly and foremost, why global warming should be primarily dealt is the fact that global warming contribute to deforestation by causing immense fires on the forests which thus make deforestation a secondary problem when compared to global warming.
İn conclusion, as I underscored above I believe firstly the global warming should be solved as it causes deforestations then to have a positive solution should be focused on deforestation.

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