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catus asked 4 years ago

some people believe that famous people’s support toward international aid draw more attention from the public while others think that celebrities make the problem less important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
It is a fact that celebrities’ involvement can help extravagate the influence of international charity events. However, it is undeniable some famous star bring negative effect to the problem. In my essay, I will elaborate both views.
On the one hand, the endorsement of celebrities benefits the charity immensely. It goes without saying that no one has larger incident of influence than famous people. Obviously, with the huge number of fans around the world, the popularity of international aid programs can be extravagated to all corners of the world, followed by bring more income for the charities to proceed the appropriate actions with charitable causes. Take Princes Diana as a telling illustration who championed the problem of land mines and brought enormous international attention to an otherwise forgotten problem. In addition, thanks to the famous voices calling people to take action, the message of charitable program might be imbued in people’s awareness more easily and acutely.
On the other hand, ample justifications can be provided for the cynicism of celebrity activism. Firstly, in some countries, the celebrities take advantage of media to promote their images and gain more public respect at the expense of supporting global problem, which puts the causes on side-line and diverts public’s attention from the actual program. Secondly, because of depending too much on the influence of famous people, the maintenance of popularity can be always not guaranteed. Obviously, people might lose interest in a charity if their idol no longer gets involved in this program, consequently, might put it into bleak situation.
In conclusion, the tremendous contribution of well-known celebrities is indisputable, nevertheless, international aid organization should become dependent too much on them to avoid negative effects.

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