Sara magzoub asked 2 years ago

Thank you for this very useful website.Is writing idioms in essay is appropriate.As find some model answers which includes idioms.

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Rachel Evans answered 2 years ago

It’s okay if you use idioms, proverbs in your writing, however it is not recommended since idioms, proverbs, quotes are not academic. It’s more appropriate to use in speaking test 
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admin answered 2 years ago

Some people think that idiomatic language is more informal and, therefore, common only in spoken English. This is not true. Idiomatic language is as fundamental to English as tenses or prepositions. If you listen to people speaking, or if you read a novel or a newspaper, you will meet idiomatic English in all situations.
However, there are some informal idioms using informal words. Therefore, it’s safer to use idioms in the Speaking test if you don’t get a deep insight into idioms.

Why are idioms and metaphors so important?
Firstly, they are important because they are very common. It is impossible to speak, read, or listen to English without meeting idiomatic language. This is not something you can leave until you reach an advanced level. All native speaker English is idiomatic. Every newspaper is full of metaphorical language. You cannot avoid it or leave it till later.
The second reason is that very often the metaphorical use of a word is more common today than its literal use. For example, we know that farmers plough their fields, but you can plough through a long novel or report; you can plough on with your work; you can plough money into a business; profits can be ploughed back into a company; a lorry can plough into a row of parked cars. Using plough in its literal farming meaning is now much rarer than all its other non-literal uses.
But it is important for you to know the literal meaning. Often the literal meaning creates a picture in your mind and this picture makes the other meanings easier to understand.

To learn more idioms, you can access the link below:

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