i would be grateful if somebody checks my essay.

Questionsi would be grateful if somebody checks my essay.
Margo asked 4 years ago

negative impact on both individuals and society. To what extent do you agree?
At present time we have already had a lot of different invetions, which have the extrimely high influence on society. One of such innovation is a social networking sites. Major part of people are registered in Facebook, Twitter or MySpace. By this way they wanted to communicate with old friends and get acquainted with new ones. But I support that insensibly it has stopped to be main aim of their participation. So I completely agree with statement social networking sites negatively affect community and in particular person. Let us start to consider the facts.
The first point is a view of society as a whole. Now not only teenagers but also the older people prefer an online chatting to a live conversation. Soon we won’t generally recognize the parnter’s face. Because it is much more easier to stay on a sofa and use your laptop rather then to have the walking, simultaneously doing some activities, improving your health and mood. We just should be aware that the strong dependence on technology won’t lead to the autonomous and developing future. In contrast, the humanity could become a lazy, lone, disjoined.
With regard to individual usage, we frequently look over the pointless posts, contemplate the profiles of other people in order to compare their life, it never entails to wisdom thoughts and self-development. Thus many people could waste the hours, sticking in the internet. But the most bizzare is that we percieve online-communication like lively one, it means that the spending evening texting message implies the spending time with friends. And a view on a lot of other diverse things was distorted since the appearing of the internet.
To sum up, I should mention that the humans have to reduce a time of using network sites so as to innovation of technology influences less on us and future generations.(311)

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