I would be grateful if somebody checks my essay. My IELTS exam is coming son. Please help me!

QuestionsI would be grateful if somebody checks my essay. My IELTS exam is coming son. Please help me!
priya505 asked 4 months ago

Among the developments of tourism, they have prioritized English becoming the highly important language in all over the world. Few people are worried and thought that the English will become the only spoken language. Speaking a common language in entire world is appreciable, but also it has few drawbacks to be considered.
On one hand, making a common language to be spoken in the world provides better communications in between people. For example, people or organizations living in different parts of the world, when there is a problem to be debated, having similar language will lead to better understanding. Another crucial point to be considered is migrations from one country to other will be increased tremendously if a particular language is spoken in all over the world. This is because many people do not travel to other countries for their jobs or study purpose in consideration of different languages spoken over there and this can be completely overcome if one language is established all over the world.
On the other hand, despite of above mentioned positive aspects, there are also few drawbacks to be accounted. Speaking a similar language will slowly demolish many of local languages spoken years together. This will lead to closure and burial of many holy books and documentations written in local languages. Adversely, language oriented traditions followed from long back will get vanished. One more vital point to be considered is many of institutions or universities which teach local languages for improving their prominence will get emptied and have many consequential effects.
To conclude, after contributions to English for becoming the important language in the world, commonly spoken language has its own positive and negative points to be considered.

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