I would be glad if you can have look at my essay about art

QuestionsI would be glad if you can have look at my essay about art
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myk171 answered 2 years ago

Some people think that art is an essential subject for children at school while others think it is a waste of time.
Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
Write 250 words, 40 mins
Teaching art in young students can be considered that it is useless but some other think that it is crucial to teach them while they young scholars. In my opinion I agree that kids need to be thought the art classes in young ages.
Firstly, teaching art as one of the subjects at school will not only develop their creativity, it will also give them a great will to make their wishes or become some important in the future. Secondly, to teach art to kids, will also open up some avenues such as develop their imaginary behavior and their inner world. Due to art classes kids can be independent individuals when they are grow up. Additionally, art classes can also help them to develop their soft skills. In order to do that, art courses will help them to understand each other in a different aspects and it will improve behavioral skills.
Not to having art classes will rise communities that have no thinking, no questioning with no capability of productivity. Moreover, rising the kids as a solider not only will not help them understand each other but also they will not improve empathy to one an another.
In conclusion, I think that art is a major development factor to understand human being. Creativity and dreaming can get us anywhere we want to be in the future. Basic improvement of imaginary thoughts are the precursors that act as a catalyst to help us to improve human life, reaching the moon or even living on it.
254 words, 38 mins

I would be glad if you can have look at my essay about art
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