I was wondering if you could evaluate and give score my essay?

QuestionsCategory: DicussionI was wondering if you could evaluate and give score my essay?
Amir asked 4 years ago

Some people think  crime should always have a fixed punishment, like life fore murder, whereas others think you should take the circumstances of the crime into account. what is your viewpoint?
Over the last few decades, crime rates have rocketed in the whole world. Despite different forms of punishment running in many countries, the number of criminals is on the rise. Some people believe in equality on punishment for a certain crime, whilst some state that the governments should sentence each criminals depends on their intentions. In this essay I will discuss both view and propose my point of view.
First and foremost, the advocates of fixed penalties note that it is more justified to sentence offenders for a particular crime to the same punishment . In other word, legal discrimination should be banned on the ground of criminal’s motivations. Take murder as an example. The circumstances on a homicide are worthless to supporters of this view. It means that all murderers have to get tarred with the same brush without paying attention whether it is premeditated murder or unpremeditated one.
On the other hand, the proponents of the later view argue that justice is not administering the same punishment to every criminal who has committed a similar crime. Some people have grown up under worse conditions. For instance, a person who steals to feed his children is different from a person who steals to gain personal benefit. These two should not receive the same type of penalty.
By way on conclusion, administering justice has always seemed difficult. Two continuing disagreements have remained on considering a fixed punishment for a certain crime or taking the circumstances of the crime into account. I personally believe that it is more justified to deliberate all information related to the crime then impose a fitting punishment.

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