I want to know my score as soon as possible

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REEM asked 9 months ago

The table demonstrates the consumption of 7 different items in five countries in 2002.Overall,it is interesting to note that Turkey had the highest proportion in the first and the third category whereas ,Sweden had the lowest percentage of consumer spending in the first and the second category.

According to the data, the first category has a highest proportion of consumer spending in both Turkey and Ireland by approximately 32.14% and 28.9% respectively.However, Italy,Spain and Sweden they had a small fraction of the consumption of Food,Drink and Tobacco, at around 17%,19% and 16% respectively.  

It can be clearly seen that the consumption of clothing and food wear was nearly the same in Ireland, Spain and Turkey by just more than 6% . The percentage of people spending in both Italy and Sweden was reasonably the same in at around 3.2%.However, the lowest rate of spending in the leisure and education was in Spain and Ireland at almost 2%.

I want to know my score as soon as possible
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