i have exam on 4th march. please have a glance at my writing task 2 essay and provide your views

QuestionsCategory: Writing Task 2i have exam on 4th march. please have a glance at my writing task 2 essay and provide your views
Bhupal Rayamajhi asked 3 years ago

excessive traffic has made cities unpleasant places to live and work in. for this reason, private cars should be completely banned from city centres
to what extent do you agree or disagree
now a days the traffic has risen to extreme level, which has interfered the city life and work balance to a great extent.private cars has contribution in it to a great level. i completely agree with the statement\\’s scenario of banning private cars from city centres.
in the modern era people has become modernised however they are inevitably shifting life schedule from healthier ones to the comfort zone. usuage of  the private cars is best which examplifies it. driving car provides only ease for transportation but certainly harms more due to lack of exercise. further more the noise pollution makes people to live in city centres as harder as walking on egg shell. additionally this condition is worsened by the air pollution made by cars burnt gases.all in one it is becoming like a non curable cancer in the advanced times.
next banning the cars would not only the improvements of health purity but also the environmental rejuvenation. citizens could live in non toxic surrounding. the blending of developed city life and refreshing environment place could make it one of the best place in the world to live. lifestyle is further improved with active routine like brisk walking, workout and so on. on the other side a number of accidents and crimes could be controlled.because, it becomes very easy to steal someone\\’s car and commit crime and fade out. 
i believe we should enjoy the gift of advancement but we should not get stuck in it. private cars ruins the city climate including living and non living. hence restricting it would be the best option to reduce traffic and restore healthier lives.

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