I have an exam on 17th december. Could you please score?

QuestionsI have an exam on 17th december. Could you please score?
Tarik asked 4 years ago

Finding job satisfaction is considered to be luxury in many developing countries.
Why do you think is that?
Do you think job satisfaction is important?
 Having a decent job is percieved something difficult and admirable in many developing countries. While some people think that, the purpose is just earning money, others are strongly convinced about the fact that the key for a satisfcatory job is just being pleased by it.
  İn my opinion, the strongest reason for the misperception of having a good job comes from the greastest diversity of human population that world has ever have. With the drastic growth of population, more universities were built and more pupils began to enroll universities to have a profession, which thus created a great variety of graduated people, who can tail for any kind of work to perpetuate their life. For example, when a job vacancy is adverted or somehow mentioned, a lot of people apply for this position and at the end, the chosen applicant is percieved as a admirable person which cause the society thinks that what he/she achieved is something luxury.
On the other hand, job satisfaction seems abstract without a clear definition, however, I definitely think that having a job which gratifies  its owner is terribly important, as I believe, the first aim of human being, without exaggeration, is to be happy. Firstly, being unhappy in what is done can have a negative impact on one’s bilateral relationships, with his wife or friends for example. Secondly, it can make one asocial, as being unhappy at work make some people to have a status anxiety. Lastly, in some extreme cases, it is recorded, having deep problems with job can direct people to suicide or murdering their bosses, as they feel the sense of humiliation.
 İn conclusion, I think that the reason for the misconception of having decent job is generated by the plenty of human population, having said that, I also believe, having a pleasing job is a vital issue of one’s life.

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