Hi, my name is Sofia. Can you please check and asses my essays

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Detailed description of crimes on newspaper ad TV has bad consequences on society. This kind of information should be restricted on media. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
In the information era, news constantly report about latest issues around the world. Information is available on internet, on T.V and in the tabloids. For some reason, news tend to focus in crimes and lawbreakers, offering specific detail of the happenings, even showing disturbing photos without any consideration of who may see those pictures. I personally believe, that this practice has some dire consequences for society; this essay will analyze which some of them are.
To start with, nowadays, nor children or teenagers have restrictions to watch the news, they can therefore be aware of the terrible crimes that are being commited in the world. For children, this brings to them a reality that they do not fully understand, and as it is being openly showed on television they might think that is correct what happened. To youngsteers, knowing about homicide, war, robbery can impact them dramatically, to the point of generate disturbing mindsets. In fact, recent reputable surveys had shown how scalating violence among youths is correlate positively with what they watch on TV: they learn from it!
Further, detailed description of crimes help lawbreakers to perfection their strategies, it alerts them about where security cameras are placed and authorities’ reaction times. Moreover, talking about the wide of society, some sociological studies had ponted out how people become tremendously anxious when they know about how crimes are commited citizens, especially women feel constantly in danger and start to carry self-defence guns.
In conclusion, in the analysis of excessive detail about crimes in the news, it is agree that this has terrible consequences for society as distress levels rise and more people turn out violent. For this reasons, some legislature should be put in place, to regulate the form in which crimes are reported, even in the era of information and liberty of expression.
In some countries an increasing number of people are suffering from health problems as a result of eating too much fast food. It is therefore necessary for governments to improve a higher tax on this kind of food. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
Diabetes, obesity and cardio vascular problems are mainly the result of bad eating habits. However, most of the time people choose this type of food because it is less expensive than organic food for example. In fact, recent reputable consumer surveys had shown that junk food for example is by far, more cheaper than having a healthy diet. It is not surprising then, that with the different expenses that people have nowadays, they do not consider investing money in healthy food as a priority. Therefore, it is urgent that the government increases the taxes on this type of food in order to reduce the percentage of people suffering from diseases related to poor alimentary habits.
It is widely known, that an important amount of the health budget has to be divert to treatments for sick people. Among those already sick, people affected from illness linked to overweight are a significant share. These treatments which are not just limited to medicine but can extent to psychological and physical training, are a burden for the health system, that could avoid such expenses if people are discourage from eating junk food. It follows, therefore that an increase on these taxes for fast food retailers, could encourage people to make better choices when deciding on food.
Among the problems arising from excessive consumption of fast food, is also the detrimental in children’s health. In developed countries such as Australia or America, chids are the main target for fast food producers, and as a consequence many young children and teenagers are diagnosed with obesity even before they turn 15. This again, has consequences for the health system but also for the society itself. Thus, it is reasonable that government put in place some legislature in the form of higher taxes to regulate the acces of children to junk food. After all if it become expensive children can not afford it, even parents will turn to other options.
In conclusion, there are strong arguments to support the initiative that government should impose higher taxes on fast food in order to diminish its consumption. This measure had proved to work well in other products such as tobacco and alcohol.

Hi, my name is Sofia. Can you please check and asses my essays
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