Hi, I have an exam coming week, could you please review my essay and provide some feedback? Thanks in advance.

QuestionsCategory: Writing Task 2Hi, I have an exam coming week, could you please review my essay and provide some feedback? Thanks in advance.
ANCY AZIZ asked 4 months ago

In many countries, the amount of crime is increasing.
What do you think are the main causes of crime?
How can we deal with those causes?
It has been observed that in recent days the number of crimes are rising in most countries. It can be either the crime rate is increasing rapidly or the number of crimes getting reported has increased lately. However this rise in the crime records is a matter of concern for public and the officials.
Let’s review the main reasons behind a crime. It can vary from a person’s metal health to a vulnerable situation beyond the control of the culprit. Increased consumption of drugs is one of the important cause behind many attacks these days. People get addicted to drugs and when they find they don’t have enough money to buy more drugs, they end up doing anything to raise the money even by mugging or killing people.
Another thing I have noticed is that the level of patience has decreased in individuals, and nobody is ready to tolerate any indecent behaviour from others and sometimes this end up in violence. Also in US and Canada we can see a lot of shooting incidents reported which is basically due to the access of guns by people who are not matured enough to handle the weapons. Then we have a lot of attacks in different countries by groups of religious fanatics who think that only their religion is right.
To reduce the crime rate we have to give counselling to people who are affected by drugs, also have more rehabilitation centres to get them treated and bring them back to normal life. We should have more community centres in each locality and make sure that the locals are getting involved in community activities and in this way help them to improve their anxiety and mingling issues. Also priests from mosques, churches or temples have to spread the message of peace and love rather than spreading hatred to the followers.

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meetsonu replied 4 months ago

Could you please evaluate my essay?

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