Hi! I am going to have IELTS exam in a week. Could you please check my essay? Thank you so much

QuestionsCategory: Writing Task 2Hi! I am going to have IELTS exam in a week. Could you please check my essay? Thank you so much
Elettra asked 3 years ago

Is freedom of speech necessary in a free society?
Over the years, in every society and in general in every country it has been always important talking about the freedom of speech. The matter is, what is the limit between speaking freely and saying not brilliant things about an argument. In this essay, this will be discussed carefully.
First of all, it is right to come back to the History, when freedom of speech was not an affair for everyone and outraged by people who wanted to run  in a doctoral way a country. By the way, it is enough to come back to about 70 years ago, when Mussolini and Hitler declare their supremacy over their people. In those years, talking against the Party was forbidden. Consequently, magazines, newspapers were forced to publish only positive news about the Fascism and the Nazism. Moreover, journalists but also intellectual people, were fired or obliged to leave their countries.
By contrast, it is worth pointing out other aspects. Over the last then years and mostly nowadays, they have been verifying negative effects related to the freedom of speech. The fact is, new technologies and social networks, namely Facebook and Twitter, have been developed and had a wide growth among people of everywhere. These up to date tools give the opportunity to people to express their ideas and share them freely. Therefore, a comment posted o Facebook or Twitter can be viral and shared by thousands of people, even if it is a comment off topic.
I believe every single person must have the chance to reply and have its own idea about a topic, giving that for democratic Governments should be a fundamental point. For this reason they must preserve it. However, I think also that there are limits which must be respected. For instance, the scientific topics are not for everyone. Therefore, people should leave to talk who is well prepared, because Science is not a democratic matter.

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