Hi, could you please check and score this essay for me? Thank you very much!

QuestionsCategory: Problem-SolutionHi, could you please check and score this essay for me? Thank you very much!
Minh Ha asked 1 year ago

Nowadays many nations are facing the problem of declining number of students attending science subjects at university. What do you think are the underlying reasons for such trend? How can it affect these nations and why?
Over the past few years, we have witnessed an unexpectedly fractional decline in the number of students who study science subjects at university in some nations. This essay will discuss the reasons for this phenomenon and give some predictions for its impact on these countries.
To begin with, one of the most common factors that causes the decreasing number of students who study physics, chemistry, and biology is probablythe requirement ofexceptional educational level compared to other academic courses such as history and economics. In other words, studying science means to make experiments and conduct research, whichrequiresa number ofspecialized skills as well asspecificexpertise. Secondly, it is widely acknowledged that earning a bachelor of science costs much higherthangetting a commerce onedue to the fees of laboratory equipments, yet science undergraduate students often acquire lower paying jobs than businessmen do.
As a result, there are some possibilities that can affect significantly to the development of these nations. In fact, it cannot be denied that the drop in the number of students who choose to study science subjectshave led to the lack of human resources in science fields, which have great impact on applied science jobs. Apparently, should this situation continue to happen, the number of engineers willexperience a free fall, so it should be seen as a major concern for the possibility of giving rise to the imbalance in economic structure
To sum up, it is clear that there are various reasons for this issue, leading to numerous effects on these nations, such as the lack of employees in science jobs. Therefore, it is recommended that strong measures need to be taken to tackle this problem.

Hi, could you please check and score this essay for me? Thank you very much!
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