Hi, can you please check and assess my essay?

QuestionsCategory: Writing Task 2Hi, can you please check and assess my essay?
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Many of the world’s cities are currently facing a serious housing shortage. What are some of the reasons for this shortage and what solutions can you suggest?
Due to overpopulation a lot of cities in the world experience problems with housing.
One reason for this shortage is that there are not enough residential units built, which can accommodate the needs of the growing population. Another reason is that too many people are relocating from towns to cities in the search for a better paid job.
These two issues must be addressed by local governments. One possible solution to relieve the housing shortage is to construct more housing arias. The government must in this case provide extra funding. Another possible solution to increase the houses and meet the demands is to supply the cities with additional rental properties for example from the private market.
The government must also see at the matter why are actually people relocating, by looking at the specific patterns and identifying the groups of people who are on the move.
In my opinion, people who chose to move to another city or another country are looking for a better life or simply a better job.  By putting efforts into increasing the initiatives to open new jobs at small towns or secluded areas, the government might achieve a better and even spreading of the population across a country.
In conclusion, even though there is a shortage of housing and many cities are overpopulated there are things a government can do to alleviate the pressing issue. Building more residential arias and giving more job opportunities at places where jobs are scares are only few of the initiatives a government can do to fight with this problem.

Hi, can you please check and assess my essay?
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